• Megan Langston

Inspire Loyalty

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Does your company inspire loyalty? Companies need to be given constant support from their customers and employees to be successful. Today, this is known as company culture, where we attribute a unique set of organizational characteristics such as values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes. Internally companies need their employees to be loyal, and their commitment can be measured through productivity, engagement and customer feedback. Externally companies need their customers to be loyal for sustainability and future growth. These are business and HR basics, but what most companies lack is meeting a person’s personal needs not just their practical needs. Addressing the personal needs of customers and employees can first be done with formal management and employee training.

Employee training should be continuous otherwise your employees will grow bored and feel unchallenged. The type of training and the frequency will vary on the employee’s position. By providing ongoing training, companies show a personal investment in their employees, which, in turn, will reflect in customer interactions. When customers feel that your employee is knowledgeable and confident in the policies, procedures, products, and services it offers, they are more likely to spend more money and be more loyal to your company. Communication is the next way of establishing loyalty by addressing the personal needs of employees and customers.

Are you just hearing them or are you actually listening to them? Listening can easily be shown by summarizing the person’s concern then proposing an actionable solution. Just listening to your employees and customers can be enough to make sure you are providing an environment and platform for concerns to be addressed, which will inspire loyalty. Every concern should have some sort of follow through in the form of fixing the problem and checking-in after the concern has been addressed. For customers, I highly recommend a follow-up call then a survey. In general, people are more likely to give honest feedback in a short online survey because of convenience and anonymity. Feedback and follow through can help recalibrate your company to inspire long-term loyalty.

Lastly, calibrate your company’s policy, procedures, products, services, communication, and training to fine-tune your business practices. Why be average when you can exceed customer expectations and engage your employees by recognizing recurring shortfalls and creating an action plan to fix it! Here is where most companies fall short to inspire long-term loyalty.

Don’t fall short of inspiring loyalty to your employees and customers. They deserve some “TLC” from your company. So train your employees, listen to your employees and customers concerns to calibrate your company for long-term success and loyalty!

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