• Megan Langston

#1 Company Culture

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

No wonder Hughes Marino (HM) is ranked #1 place to work in Orange County! Last Friday Jeff Shepard gave me a tour of HM’s Irvine office, I was instantly blown away by every aspect of this company and had to share my experience.

Walking through the doors of HM’s office I felt as if I was in someone’s super chic home from the warm wood floors, comfy couches, large dining table, family photo wall, fun pop-art and pool table.  It is not just the décor that makes HM-Irvine so special it is their people! Jeff’s passion for HM was infectious as he spoke about the team, company, and culture. As I toured the office, I met several team members, and as Jeff introduced them to me, I felt as if  I was meeting a family member. HM core value # 4 is “embrace the family spirit,” and the family element of this company is what makes them so unique.

After I toured the office, met his team members, we sat down and talked about HM’s culture. HM’s core values stood out to me, and I wanted to share not only my amazing experience at their office but their core values. Now HM’s culture may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but companies today have to adopt and adapt to stay ahead of its competitors. Human capital is the defining element of any organization, and if embraced like HM it will be what separates your company in the marketplace.

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