• Megan Langston

Training Wheels

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

After you accept the job offer the new hire training begins, do you remember your most recent new hire training process?

A huge piece of the new hire training puzzle is to immerse them into company’s culture and values. This training-wheel period will vary depending on the new hire’s position, experience level, and industry, but the goal should be the same regardless of these factors.

Training Wheel Goal:

Your new hire should understand these key factors after they have finished their training.


Who is the company? Mission statement!


What does the company stand for? What are the company’s values?


In reference to company culture, ask the following questions.  How are they supposed to treat their co-workers and customers? Do they understand their position? How does their role fit in and how does that role affect the company?

When a company has a successful training-wheel program, they will have more confident employees. Confident because they understand your company’s who, what and how.   This company confidence translates into lower turnover rates, higher productivity and engagement levels.

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