• Megan Langston

Collaboration Beats Competition

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

How can an organization, business, or team be successful? A simple synopsis is communication and collaboration; so how can you be an effective communicator to get your team to achieve your goal?

I love football, so here is a great example. Every season there are new players to join an NFL team. Some are new to the NFL, others are traded and some get injured throughout the season. All are factors affecting the team and how they win games. So, why do The Patriots consistently have one of the best records in the NFL under Bill Belichick? His message is the same as all the other NFL teams to win games and the Superbowl. The difference is his leadership and how he communicates the message to win and how he gets his team to collaborate and accomplish that goal. For the record, I am a Ram’s fan, and so far I am very happy with the success they have accomplished under Sean McVay’s leadership this season.

Here’s a play by play to win!

What is your message?

The message is the goal, so what it is?

Who is on your team?

The “who” is the first part in selecting your team, but you need to dive deeper beyond just their skill set. The utilization of Behavioral Assessments helps achieve this goal by understanding whom you are working with individually and collectively. Team analytics is an objective way to collectively understand how “balanced” your team is and provides a visual aid in the “big picture” of understanding communication and collaboration styles.

How do you effectively communicate it?

Everyone interprets a message differently, so how does your message captivate them? If that message was “telephoned” by your team would it still mean the same thing and could the goal be achieved?

What does that win look like? Paint a picture.

How do you think that win can be accomplished? Give your team a collaborative understanding of the benchmarks to gauge success or failure as they work to accomplish the goal.

Hey, coach!

You are the leader, but how do you lead your team? How can you effectively lead the team on an individual level and collectively? Dive deep, what are your strengths and weaknesses?

When is practice and game day?

How often will you communicate and meet as a team?

Celebrate the team’s victory!

The team won, so congratulate them in a group and individually.

So ask yourself, am I communicating effectively to my team? Click here to assess and learn how you communicate in 5-minutes! The foundation to a win is communication and collaboration.

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