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Volunteer with Human Works

You have the power to make a real difference in the community and support those in greatest need. Get involved today!

HWF’s volunteer program currently consists of behind the scenes administrative and organizational needs.

Volunteer/Peer Mentor

Mentors are experienced advisers and supporters; individuals, experienced in areas relevant to the individuals they are working with, who advises and guides a younger or less experienced person. A mentor (or adviser, counselor, guide, tutor, teacher, guru) is defined as a knowledgeable person who holds vast experience and perspective in a particular area who is open to sharing his or her life experiences in order to advance the personal and professional growth of another person.


Social Media: Intern/Volunteer

Our Social Media Interns establish FREE’s online presence in a variety of social media channels and platforms. Our Social Media Coordination Interns are responsible for cultivating our reputation, thought leadership and deep understanding of the issues related to recidivism and reentry by ex-offenders. Using a variety of social media platforms, interns will post on a daily basis to keep a “buzz” happening in the cyber community.

Back of a group of volunteers

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 Intern/Volunteer Partnership Development

Because our reach is so broad (SoCal Area), we are in need of Partnership Development Interns that possess a very high level of communication skills. The partnership agencies we work with in jails, prisons, ministries and probation and parole divisions need to be constantly updated on changes and additions to our programs. This is a position for those who like a routine interacting with a stable group of partners.

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