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Our Mission

Human Works Foundation provides job readiness training with a whole-person care approach to populations overcoming employment barriers, partnering with organizations that value human capital and providing gainful employment opportunities.


Our Vision

Promoting, providing, and placing individuals with equal employment opportunities through strategic partnerships with a human capital approach.

At Human Works Foundation, we’re building a more inclusive economy.

About Human Works

Started in 2015, HWF has grown to be one of the most comprehensive community outreach, training, and development re-entry organizations, advocating relentlessly for those enduring barriers to employment. Our credo: Obstacles to Opportunities, has sustained our over 6-year engagement with our community! The organization is staffed by employees with a diverse and intersectional background, supported by our local law enforcement, and upheld by our incredible community partners across the State. Since its founding as an independent non-profit, HWF has served over 10,000 in our community, including helping over 2,500 individuals find meaningful employment. We recognized the need for integrated and closely coordinated services for the multi-faceted populations we serve. Our valued partnerships with more than ten (10) civic agencies and human service organizations which provide critical services like mental/behavioral health counseling; re-entry services/transitional care; case management, and post-release enforcement/care, allow us to collaborate with empathy to serve our community.


To address the needs of the growing justice-impacted community, we use the RISEUP program as a steppingstone to meaningful employment. Throughout our cohorts, we have deeply connected with the social and cultural rejection of folks who are formerly incarcerated, former veterans, and experiencing chronic homelessness. In 2022, we began work on our newest projects, which recognize the disparity and inequities in access to mental health care, resources, housing, and the need for those who identify as women to have gender-responsive, trauma-informed reentry care. Our EMPOWER program is an integral piece of our wrap-around services, creating holistic care for those who are usually left behind.

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Our Mission
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