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Make data-driven people decisions for better results.

HWF utilizes the Predictive Index assessment (PI) as a coaching tool with all our incredible RISEUP participants! This comprehensive assessment provides insight into the drives, motivations, and needs in the workplace, giving our students the tools they need to succeed on an emotional, practical, and cognitive level in their chosen career.

Get access to insights on your workforce driven by 60 years of behavioral science.

PI blends psychometrics and technology to provide you with tools that help:

  • Align your executive team on your business strategy.

  • Design a talent strategy that enables people to execute company goals.

  • Create behavioral and cognitive job targets for open roles to find the right fit.

  • Understand candidates’ behavioral wiring and cognitive ability to see how they’ll perform on the job.

  • People managers build self awareness and understand what drives their direct reports.

  • Diagnose the employee experience and provide specific actions to improve it.


Insights in minutes, not hours.


Our assessments focus on behaviors that matter most for on-the-job performance. In just six minutes, you’ll get impactful data, fast. 

  • Our assessments are some of the fastest on the market and don’t compromise accuracy of your results.

  • Refined over 60 years by scientists

  • PI has all the science, without the complexity– understand your results immediately and know how to act on them.

  • Free-choice format rather than forced-choice assessment that captures the nuances of strategy and personality 

  • Highly accurate and user-friendly

Our entire platform has been designed for a global workforce. Our assessments do not discriminate between protected classes, are culturally neutral, and are available in 70+ languages.

Design a winning people strategy.

Workforce behavioral analysis has typically been reserved for well-resourced companies. But now, with The Predictive Index, any company can get access to these insights. Used with the talent optimization framework to better align business strategy with people strategy, our clients report invaluable improvements in their organizations:

  • 98% said PI enhances their hiring process

  • 70% said PI helps to remove bias and subjectivity from their hiring process

  • 67% said PI helped them achieve stronger employee engagement throughout their organization

  • 81% said using PI for coaching helped them develop better employees

And compared to other companies, executives who implement talent optimization practices report:

  • 31% higher Glassdoor ratings

  • 34% higher employee performance

  • 16% increase in strategic success

  • 3x better retention of high performing employees

  • 31% less time spent dealing with people problems


Proven framework for aligning business strategy and people strategy for business results.

Scientifically proven.

Our assessments are developed following recognized psychological standards and guidelines, including the American Psychological Association (APA), the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), and the International Test Commission (ITC). These guidelines provide a framework for test construction and the proper use of assessments. 

The Predictive Index provides well-researched, valid, and reliable employee assessments, which can help support clients’ legal compliance with the EEOC and the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures. The Predictive Index offers research services (e.g., criterion validation studies) necessary to fulfill the requirements of the EEOC Uniform Guidelines.


PI Behavioral Assessment™

Discover a person’s behavioral pattern based on four key factors.

PI Cognitive Assessment™

Discover how quickly a person can learn and adapt to shifting needs.


Assessment takers get 50 problems to solve—and they’re tasked with completing as many as they can in 12 minutes. The resulting score indicates their ability to process complex information and their capacity to deal with the cognitive demands of a given position. With the PI Cognitive Assessment you’ll always know if a candidate has the capacity for the job.


Did you know that cognitive ability is the number one predictor of on-the-job success? The timed PI Cognitive Assessment measures a person’s general cognitive ability. In just 12 minutes you’ll have more information about someone’s likelihood of success than you would after a one-hour interview.

What does the PI Cognitive Assessment measure?

The PI Cognitive Assessment consists of 50 multiple-choice questions from three cognitive ability categories (verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning) and nine subcategories. Essentially, it assesses the rate at which a person can learn—rapid knowledge acquisition. If change is a constant in your organization, pay special attention to cognitive ability.



Most people begin the hiring process with a job description and a stack of resumes.

Job descriptions may tell us a lot about tasks and skills, but they tell us little about the kind of person who will succeed best in that job.
This creates a huge disconnect for hiring managers trying to match real people to job descriptions. Most of us cross that chasm by relying on “gut instinct” and pay the price down the road. According to research, 46% of new hires fail within 18 months.*
There’s a better way to evaluate candidates—one that’s built on proven science, and focuses not solely on tasks and skills but on the behavioral traits and cognitive abilities that will ensure a candidate will succeed in your new role: PI Job Assessments and PI Job Targets.



PI gives you unlimited access to our simple Job Assessment. Completing this process helps you X-ray each job and identify the underlying traits that will lead to success in each specific role. The Assessment can be created by a single user or taken collaboratively by team of stakeholders. Once all the input is given, we’ll generate a job target that will serve as your guide to making a great hire.

Remove bias from hiring

We all have biases that sneak into our decisions—whether we recognize them or not. By creating objective measures of both the job and the candidate, we inoculate ourselves against those biases. Plus, behavioral drives and cognitive ability have been proven to be strong predictors of job performance. Having this information is a powerful tool for both your recruitment and your development efforts.

Define your existing roles

Don’t stop with new hires. Use the Job Assessment to objectively assess all the roles in your organization—even the filled ones. Job targets should be used as a fundamental part of your talent strategy and succession planning, and are a critical tool for coaching and employee development.

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